Monday, April 23, 2012

New story I am working on

Working on a bunch of new stuff right now.  My main focus is on what I intend to be a long series about a woman that agrees to become a sex slave in exchange for large sum of money to take care of her family.  She assumes she will be a slave to someone in a foreign country but what she doesn't realize is she is being sold into slavery on another world.  It will involve the normal bdsm type sex but the otherworldly nature will allow me to compose scenes that are very unique.

Below is a small unedited snippet from my first draft.

The man said, "Now, remove all of your clothes and place them in a pile in front of you."
Anna did as instructed without much hesitation.  She asked, "Are you the one that purchased me."
"No my dear.  We are only now preparing you for sale," he replied.
Anna removed her top and discarded it on the floor.  Her large breasts were tightly confined by an undersized white lace bra.  She reached behind her back to unhook her bra and as she did her breasts broke free from their prison.  They were very perky considering their size.  Next she removed her shoes and slid off her skirt to reveal her perfect ass.  Her body was very tight from the dancing that she did.  Finally the white lace panties came off.  Her pubic hair was well trimmed but not completely shaved.
The man in the suit seemed unphased by the beauty before him.  As he approached her one of the military men entered the room again.  He brought the man in the suit a pair of leather writ restraints with a chain attached and retreated from the room after picking up Anna's clothes.  He was not subtle about catching a glimpse of her naked body.
The man in the suit spoke again, "Hold out your hands."
Anna complied and he fastened the restraints around her wrists.  Anna looked up as she heard a chain lowering from the darkness above.  The man hooked the chain in his hand to the chain from the ceiling and it began to retract pulling her arms up over her head.
The soldier entered the room once more and brought the man in the suit two leg restraints and again he left.
"Spread your legs," he said.  As Anna complied he knealt down and attached a restraint to her right leg.  He attached the leg restraint to a think metal ring protruding from the floor with a six inch lentch of chain.  He repeated this task on her left leg. 
As he stood, Anna could here the chain above her rattle as it retracted further.  She felt herself being lifted from the ground.  She struggled slightly as an involuntary reflex.  The chain above stopped when the chains attached to her ankle restraints were taught.  Anna hung in this position unable to move.

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