Monday, May 30, 2011

The Artist - Free Short Story from Seth Daniels

It may seem difficult to think of a killer as an artist but that is exactly how Matt saw himself.  He did not see himself as a murder or a killer.  Death was beautiful to him when done well.  When he was eight years old, his mother hung herself.  He never found out why and he really didn’t care.  What caught his eye when he found her was her attention to detail.  She had meticulously planned her own death so that it somehow seemed less vulgar.
Vicky Peterson, his latest victim, was going to die.  He knew it and although she did want to believe it, Vicky probably knew it too.  She was in the bathtub when he entered the house through a basement door.  She washed her naked body blissfully unaware of the intruder that had entered.  He took his time as he walked through the house to the location of his prey.  Tonight’s piece was the latest in a series he referred to as Random Acts of Violence.  Under normal circumstances, he would research his victim and plan the death for weeks ahead of time; much like a sculptor would not simply start chipping away without a plan.  With his Random Acts series, he would simply pick a house and enter through the basement.  Once he was inside the art would come to him and he would decide on the method of death as well as how to display his work.
He entered the bedroom and heard the bathwater running.  The plan started to come together in his mind.  First, he would need to paralyze his victim.  The one item he allowed himself to bring along for a Random Act was a syringe of Propofol.  A very small dose would sedate a person for a short period.
Vicky did not notice as he approached her from behind.  She was enjoying her relaxing bath too much after a tough first day at her nursing internship.  The first sign of the intruder was the needle piercing the skin on her neck.  She quickly moved away but it was too late.  The injection rapidly did its job.  The young nurse began to lose muscle control and slipped under the water before Matt grabbed her hair and pulled her back out.  He bound her arms behind her back at the elbows and her legs at the knees and ankles with rope he spotted in the basement.
Propofol is very short acting and so she regained consciousness in a short time.  He took another rope and tied it to her hair.  He then connected it to the bindings at her elbows and knees.  Music was blaring from the bedroom to cover any screams although she seemed to understand that would do her no good and she lay there quietly.
With the bindings in place, he carried her back to the bathroom and returned her to the tub only this time she was facedown.
He left the room for a few minutes and Vicky tried to escape from her binding but it was no use.  The knots only seemed to tighten as she struggled.  When he returned he sat on the edge of the porcelain tub as he looked her over.  She assumed he was going to rape her but she could not have been more wrong.  To touch her sexually would be an affront to his art.  He injected her with an even smaller amount of Propofol than before.  This time it was just enough for a hallucinogenic effect.  She would know what was happening to her but wouldn’t care because of the effects of the drug until it was too late.
He made a tiny cut in her thigh.  The deep red blood began to trickle out and run down the pristine white slope of the bathtub until it began to pool around her face.  He continued making small incisions until he was satisfied that the cuts would produce the desired effect.
As the fog began to clear from Vicky’s mind, she tasted the coppery blood in her mouth.  She tried to scream but for some reason she found she could not.  She lifted her head back to keep her nose out of the now deepening pool of blood.
She knew screaming wouldn’t help but she thought maybe she could talk her way out of this.
“Please don’t do this.  I’ll give you anything you want,” she muttered with the sound of defeat in her voice.
Matt spoke for the first time, “You are giving me what I want.  Your sacrifice is necessary to create my work of art.  Your body will die tonight but you will live forever as work number 57 of the Death in Art Killer.”
Vicky struggled to keep her head back but eventually exhaustion caused her to lose the will to fight anymore and her face sank into the pool of her own blood.  The Artist watched as she briefly put up a last struggle before succumbing to her fate.
When she stopped moving he dipped his finger into the blood and signed the blood and signed her back ‘The Artist’.
Detective Marks cell phone rang and he cringed when he answered.  The voice on the other end simply said “134 Eagle Landing Road, upstairs bathroom,” and then the line went dead.  The detective new that meant that The Artist had struck again and they were no closer to finding him than they were fifty-six murders before.

Excerpt from Meet my Twin Sisters - Family Matters - Available on Smashwords

It was a beautiful summer day that I drove my parents to the airport. They were going to Europe for the summer and I was more than happy to stay behind. Having just turned twenty, I was ready to have the place to myself for the summer. Well, almost to myself, I had to keep an eye on my sisters. I had twin sisters that were just a bit younger than me. Now, they are plenty old to take care of themselves but my parents didn't trust them on their own yet. It was a shame that they were my sisters because they had really blossomed and I would kill to spend the summer with any two other girls that looked like that. I was starting to think of them a little differently when I was snapped back to reality by the voice over the intercom calling my parent's flight number. I kissed my mom and then gave my dad a hug and told them to make sure they brought me something back. They boarded the plane and I headed back to my car to begin my summer of fun.
I stopped on the way home to get some beer and liquor since I would definitely be having some people over. When I got home I put the beer in the fridge and went up to my room to get my bathing suit on. I would finally get to sit out by our pool with a drink in my hand and catch some rays like my father always did. I changed into my suit and was getting a towel out of the closet when I realized that my sister Jenna was home. I walked over to her room and almost died when I saw her with one hand on her nipple and the other between her legs. She was the hottest girl I had ever seen. She looked better naked than I had ever imagined. I quickly got out of her doorway before she could see me and headed outside to the pool.
I laid in the lounge chair and tried to talk my dick down since it was ready to break through my shorts. I felt horrible for being this excited and tried to push the thought of my sisters naked body out of my mind. Just as I was starting to regain some control over my thoughts Jenna came walking out of the house wearing nothing but a smile. As soon as she reached the concrete pad that surrounded the pool she ran and dove right in. The water must have been pretty cold because when she surfaced you could have cut glass with her nipples.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Latest Book is Available

I have released a picture only book which you can purchase at

 It contains over 100 photos and when you buy the ebook you also have access to the images.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

New ways to access my titles

Visit to gain access to titles I can't sell through other outlets.  Amazon won't take titles that have naked women.  Well, sometimes they will and sometimes they won't but I'll be damned if I can figure out what makes the difference.  So I set up shop on my own.  If you like my stuff sign up and you get everything I publish as part of your subscription.  I will be adding lots of content to the site in addition to my stories over the next few days.  Once I have the site loaded with content I will make individual titles available for purchase if you don't want a subscription.  This is technologically far more challenging which is why I am saving it for last.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Excerpt from Lilith

A vampire’s charm is a strange thing.  Michelle felt fear when first bitten but that quickly subsided, most likely a result of the chemicals injected before feeding but just as a likely result of the mystical aura one acquires after living for hundreds of years.
“Yes, take me. I am yours,” she could not believe the words were coming from her own mouth.
Lilith removed her own clothes and stood naked before Michele.  She uttered an incomprehensible language as she prepared herself for the ritual about to take place.  She was about to create a servant that would one day grow into goddess in her own rite.  The ritual was very sexual, it always had been.  These creatures were nothing like the male dominated vampire folklore that has existed for centuries.
Lilith tore Michelle’s clothes from her body.  She pinned her down and again she drank from her neck.  She sat up as she had before only this time she did not wipe the blood way.  She allowed the blood to drip from her mouth onto Michelle’s stomach and breasts. 

New story released

Lilith is my latest story about a lesbian female vampire.  She has fed on humans for years but now she is about to turn a hot young college student into her vampire sex slave.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Cheerleader Tryouts now Available on Amazon and Smashwords

My latest story is now available on Amazon( ) and Smashwords( ) Check out Cheerleader Tryouts.

Cheerleader Tryouts Just Released

I have released a new title to Amazon called Cheerleader Tryouts. It is in the pipeline for publishing and I would assume as usual they will have it available sometime Sunday or Monday.

I will be making an edition available on through Smashwords as soon as I can get the file edited.