Monday, May 30, 2011

Excerpt from Meet my Twin Sisters - Family Matters - Available on Smashwords

It was a beautiful summer day that I drove my parents to the airport. They were going to Europe for the summer and I was more than happy to stay behind. Having just turned twenty, I was ready to have the place to myself for the summer. Well, almost to myself, I had to keep an eye on my sisters. I had twin sisters that were just a bit younger than me. Now, they are plenty old to take care of themselves but my parents didn't trust them on their own yet. It was a shame that they were my sisters because they had really blossomed and I would kill to spend the summer with any two other girls that looked like that. I was starting to think of them a little differently when I was snapped back to reality by the voice over the intercom calling my parent's flight number. I kissed my mom and then gave my dad a hug and told them to make sure they brought me something back. They boarded the plane and I headed back to my car to begin my summer of fun.
I stopped on the way home to get some beer and liquor since I would definitely be having some people over. When I got home I put the beer in the fridge and went up to my room to get my bathing suit on. I would finally get to sit out by our pool with a drink in my hand and catch some rays like my father always did. I changed into my suit and was getting a towel out of the closet when I realized that my sister Jenna was home. I walked over to her room and almost died when I saw her with one hand on her nipple and the other between her legs. She was the hottest girl I had ever seen. She looked better naked than I had ever imagined. I quickly got out of her doorway before she could see me and headed outside to the pool.
I laid in the lounge chair and tried to talk my dick down since it was ready to break through my shorts. I felt horrible for being this excited and tried to push the thought of my sisters naked body out of my mind. Just as I was starting to regain some control over my thoughts Jenna came walking out of the house wearing nothing but a smile. As soon as she reached the concrete pad that surrounded the pool she ran and dove right in. The water must have been pretty cold because when she surfaced you could have cut glass with her nipples.

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