Sunday, May 22, 2011

Excerpt from Lilith

A vampire’s charm is a strange thing.  Michelle felt fear when first bitten but that quickly subsided, most likely a result of the chemicals injected before feeding but just as a likely result of the mystical aura one acquires after living for hundreds of years.
“Yes, take me. I am yours,” she could not believe the words were coming from her own mouth.
Lilith removed her own clothes and stood naked before Michele.  She uttered an incomprehensible language as she prepared herself for the ritual about to take place.  She was about to create a servant that would one day grow into goddess in her own rite.  The ritual was very sexual, it always had been.  These creatures were nothing like the male dominated vampire folklore that has existed for centuries.
Lilith tore Michelle’s clothes from her body.  She pinned her down and again she drank from her neck.  She sat up as she had before only this time she did not wipe the blood way.  She allowed the blood to drip from her mouth onto Michelle’s stomach and breasts. 

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